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Sparkler wedding shot at The Loft
Beautiful bride at The Loft
Wedding reception at The Loft
Bride and bridesmaids
chris and karrie heart.jpg
Wedding in Colorado Springs
Free places to get married
Bride at The Loft Collective
Weddings in Colorado Springs
Frame your day with love
Backyard wedding in Colorado Springs
Wedding ceremony and reception
Free places to get married
First kiss celebration!
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    We see beauty in every person we meet. That's one thing we love about weddings and engagements. When we see a couple that is in love and want to keep their memories for a lifetime, we see it as a joy and a priveledge to be part of their special celebration.

All pictures are digially delivered in full-resolution with the option for friends and familes to download pictures for free.

We usually use a second photographer for weddings for better overall coverage of the couple's big day. Pinterest boards and emailed ideas are welcome here. It is fun to create new and exciting pictures from the ideas of other artists and photographers. This should be one of the best days of your life and our staff will work very hard to help make it fun and capture that day forever.


Wedding and Engagement Photography

The Shutter Chef




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